20 Love Lessons From Destiny’s Child Songs

Important romantic advice from Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle.

1. Mooching is NOT sexy.

“Bills, Bills, Bills.”

ID: 854444

2. Playing “hard to get” won’t get you very far.

“No, No, No”

ID: 857461

3. Mommas who profit dollas have the upper hand.

“Independent Women”

ID: 853901

4. Don’t talk the sexy talk if you can’t walk the sexy walk.

Perfect your moves, or you will be “dismissed.”

“Lose My Breath”

ID: 853569

5. Love is disorienting and debilitating.

“Can’t Help Myself”

ID: 853977

6. Love makes us stubborn and irrational.

“Bad Habit”

ID: 853589

7. Friends provide clarity when we’re blinded by love goggles.


ID: 858520

8. Seeking a financially stable partner is NOT gold-digging. It’s practical.

ID: 857404

9. Sometimes, love just isn’t enough.

“Bad Habit”

ID: 853996

10. Not all jealousy is paranoia.

“Say My Name”

ID: 853957

11. If Beyoncé can get bent out of shape about lost love, so can you.


ID: 858272

12. But after the mourning period, get your dumped ass off the couch and move on.


ID: 853622

13. The best remedy for heartache is leaning on your friends.


ID: 858281

14. Even when in a relationship, alone time is important.

“Jumpin’ Jumpin’”

ID: 858993

15. Stalking is a serious turn-off.

“Bug a Boo”

ID: 859005

16. Last-ditch gift-giving is not a viable apology.

“Bad Habit”

ID: 859183

17. When it comes to finding love, get serious. Time’s a wastin’.

ID: 861199

18. When someone does you wrong, don’t get mad. Get even.

In the video for “Emotion,” cheating = bleach all over your clothes.

ID: 857403

19. But afterward, keep your digital love record clean.


ID: 859716

20. And last but certainly not least: You (yes, YOU) are a sexy beast.

In “Bootylicious,” the ladies remind us to shake it with abandon.

ID: 853493

May the love force be with you.

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