12 Ways To Easily Identify An East Coast Transplant In LA

Moving cross-country can bewilder even the hardiest adventurer. It takes a few years to master the cultural geography of Los Angeles. In the meantime, East Coasters have a lot of habits to unlearn. Here’s how to easily spot one:

1. Still wonders why LA seems to be overpopulated by skunks

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2. Surprised to learn that jaywalking is not just a Leno bit


3. Still frustrated that it takes an inordinate amount of time for anyone to make a simple decision about anything

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4. Amazed at the percentage of new friends who’ve gotten a DUI

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5. Stunned by the percentage of men of all sexual orientations who dress like a T(w)weenager

6. Frequently heard muttering phrase: “This pizza sucks.”

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7. Concerned about the epidemic of celiac sufferers

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8. Still uncomfortable with casual nudity

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9. Frequently heard muttering: “Where can I get a decent bagel?”

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10. Jubilantly tweets about surviving their first “earthquake”

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11. Still wonders how people working on “projects” are able to pay the rent

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12. Is confused by boat shoes

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