No Sweat: How To Get Post-Workout Pretty In 10 Minutes Or Less

You’ve just hit the gym and your hair is looking less than stellar and your face is flushed red as a tomato. Even worse? You should have left for your appointment… like 10 minutes ago! Well ladies, we’ve got a surefire beauty routine that we often… 3 Minutes: Rinse quick! Throw your hair into a high bun and hop in the shower. If you’re in a major rush do not wash your hair—just be sure to dampen the roots of the hair that frame your face to avoid an unwanted breakout. However, if your hair must be washed (a.k.a. you did some serious work at the gym), use a double duty shampoo and conditioner such as Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Clear 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner (add 5 minutes for drying).

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