What It’s Like Watching "Friday Night Lights" For The First Time

Or the 127th. Clear eyes, full heart.

1. Friday Night Lights: The Beginning

ID: 1488050

2. After hearing another friend gush - you decide you’re going to give it a shot.

Let’s see what all the fuss is about

ID: 1485533

3. You log into Netflix and do your best to get PUMPED!

But is it a show all about Football?

ID: 1487461

4. You don’t really even like Football

ID: 1487414

5. But you quickly notice there’s potential…

And his name is Tim Riggins

ID: 1485739

6. Like this could really be something good

Maybe even love

ID: 1487895

7. Things start to heat up

ID: 1487340

8. And before you know it - you’re sold - this show IS good

ID: 1487372

9. Like really good

ID: 1487406

10. Even Grandma likes it

ID: 1487436

11. She likes Riggins too

Back off Grandma

ID: 1487389

12. Watching it just makes you happy

Of course I want to watch another episode

ID: 1487422

13. Like you wanna DANCE happy

ID: 1487380

14. You can’t wait to thank those friends who first introduced you

And hug them!

ID: 1487435

15. And suddenly you’re all into Football

ID: 1487453

16. You even have a team

The Dillon Panthers

ID: 1487371

17. And you know who wears which number

Whose jersey would you rather wear?

ID: 1487935

18. You can’t look away - the show consumes you

It’s just so beautiful

ID: 1487396

19. You’re spending more and more time on the couch with your new Boo

Boo = Friday Night Lights

ID: 1487384

20. Friday Night Lights benders have become a regular thing in your household

And maybe you watched an entire season in one day… twice

ID: 1487411

21. It’s all you want to talk about

ID: 1487443

22. But not everyone is quite as interested

ID: 1487431

23. And some begin to worry you’re moving too fast

ID: 1487452

24. But ‘clearly’ they don’t understand

You see what I did there

ID: 1487423

25. You’ve found love and you’re gonna run with it

ID: 1487363

26. If they don’t want to be happy for you they can find another parade to rain on

ID: 1487484

27. And eventually with some tough love those haters finally give in

ID: 1487961

28. Of course they’re very thankful to you

They’ll never question your wisdom again

ID: 1487942

29. Told you so…

You did

ID: 1487958

30. And You’re Welcome

ID: 1487369

31. You’re just happy you could spread the love

ID: 1487460

32. Pay it forward

ID: 1487978

33. Life is good

ID: 1487466

34. And then one day you wake up and you’re on Season 5, Episode 13

ID: 1487426

35. The. Last. Episode.

ID: 1487887

36. You can’t do this alone

ID: 1487397

37. How can it just be over?

Did you do something wrong?

ID: 1487480

38. Things were going so good?

ID: 1487990

39. But all good things must come to an end

ID: 1487999

40. It hurts…

Hurts real bad

ID: 1487908

41. Grandma’s sad too

ID: 1487918

42. But man was it good while it lasted

ID: 1488010

43. And now it’s time to say goodbye

ID: 1487919

44. It’s going to be OK. You’re going to be OK.

ID: 1488042

45. You’re walking away with some great memories

ID: 1488015

46. And some pretty fantastic words of wisdom


ID: 1487393

47. Texas Forever

ID: 1487349

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