21 Things You’ll Do This Summer, As Told By “The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants”

Love your summer, love yourself.

1. In the beginning, things will go just swimmingly.

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2. Your life, and your Instagram, will have never looked better.

And you’ll have a ton of options for those wintertime #TBTs.

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3. You’ll travel somewhere new and will be all YAAAS! about the whole situation.

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4. Staying in shape will be easy because the weather will actually be gorgeous.

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May you be blessed with the sun at your back and a Beyonce song on your iPod.

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5. The chance of you spending some very tranquil time near a body of water is high.

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6. You’ll get back in touch with some friends who you haven’t seen in forever.

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7. And everyone will be very interested in all the amazing things you’ve been doing.

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8. Your job will slowly start to destroy you.

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“You’ve got a price sticker on your forehead.”

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9. The heat will make working out impossible.

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10. Then your friends will force you to go bathing suit shopping, and you’ll have a total meltdown…

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11. …and you’ll have to explain yourself later.

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12. You’ll turn to emotional YouTube videos to give yourself some hope.

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13. But, since everyone feels the same way you do, it will be easy to vent.

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14. And then, when there are just a couple more weeks left, you’ll get back into the swing of things.

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15. You’ll go on that road trip you’ve always wanted to take.

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16. You’ll learn something new.

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17. People will begin to look beautiful again.

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18. So, hopefully, this happens.

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19. Or, hey, maybe this will happen.

Which is completely fine, because ice cream is officially in season.

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20. You’ll discover something pretty significant about life that you never knew before.

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21. And once it’s over, you’ll realize it was maybe the best summer of your entire life.

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So live it up, y’all. Happy summering!

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