9 U.S. Senators’ Unusual Post-Grad Jobs

Because there is no such thing as a political fast track

1. Mike Enzi (Wyoming)

After graduating with a masters in retail marketing, Enzi moved back home to take over his father’s footwear business, NZ Shoes. He once said, “Legislation is like selling shoes.”

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2. Bob Casey Jr. (Pennsylvania)

Between college and law school, Casey was a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and spent a year teaching 5th grade and coaching 8th grade basketball in inner city Philadelphia.

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3. Bernie Sanders (Vermont)

After graduating with a psychology degree from the University of Chicago, Sanders spent time on an Israeli kibbutz (a kind of communal settlement), then moved to Vermont, where he worked as a freelance writer, carpenter and filmmaker.

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4. John Barrasso (Wyoming)

Barrasso completed his masters degree at Yale and went on to become a rodeo physician for the Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association, as well as a sports team physician for Casper College in Casper, WY.

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5. Mark Udall (Colorado)

Udall worked at the Colorado Outward Bound School, a youth outdoor education program, for 20 years after graduating from Williams College.

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6. Al Franken (Minnesota)

Franken wrote for and performed on Saturday Night Live from 1975-1980 after graduating from Harvard University with a degree in government.

ID: 1387607

7. John Boozman (Arkansas)

After graduating from the University of Arkansas, where he played football for the Razorbacks, Boozman practiced optometry and co-founded an eye clinic in Arkansas.

ID: 1387609

8. Orrin Hatch (Utah)

While working on his law degree at Pittsburgh Law School, Hatch worked as a janitor, a metal lather, and an all-night dormitory desk assistant.

ID: 1387612

9. Jon Tester (Montana)

Tester graduated with a B.S. in music, and then became a public school music teacher in Texas. He then went on to work at his family’s farm and custom butcher shop.

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