22 Worries Everyone Has During Pilates

Please don’t fart, please don’t fart…

1. Your butt will be way too close to the person’s face behind you.

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2. That you look like you’re just flopping around.

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3. That you’ll look too excited to get started.

Let’s burn it up!!!

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4. That you’ll fart and disgust everyone around you.

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5. People might think you’re there for the wrong reasons.

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6. That you won’t seem committed.

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7. The resistance band will straight-up bitch slap you.

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8. You’ll fall while using the workout ball.

ID: 2522369

Or worse… you’ll pop it.

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9. Your workout pants will be see-through when you bend over.

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10. You might accidentally kick someone in the face.

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11. Your top will fall down, and you’ll wind up flashing the whole class during a shoulder stand.

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12. That your weight will slip out of your control and nail your neighbor.

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13. You’ll cramp up in the middle of a leg isolation.

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14. That you’ll look like a total creep doing leg lifts.

Especially if you make eye contact with anyone in the room.

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15. Or even worse… having a coregasm in class.

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16. That you won’t look like the fitspo pictures all over Pinterest after one workout.

I like to do approx 5 sets of side sit ups on each side and then rush to the mirror to see if it worked. #pilatesproblems

— Ninel (@lufflg)
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17. That you might actually snap in half while doing a backbend.

ID: 2529895

18. You’ll never be able to swim fast enough.

Ahhhhh. Just keep swimming… just keep swimming….

ID: 2529923

19. That you’ll paralyze the person next to you with your bad breath .

In through the nose, and a strong exhale out the mouth… only if you take a breath mint with each water break.

ID: 2534046

20. That the instructor will judge your sweatiness while they’re adjusting you.

Ew, ew, ew, please don’t touch my feet.

ID: 2530163

21. That this could be the one swan dive that will break your nose.

ID: 2529986

22. That you won’t be able to carry your weight in a partner exercise.

ID: 2531096

But be honest, your biggest worry is that you’ll leave the class feeling too fierce for your own good.

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