35 Things Horror Movies Taught You To Fear

If you weren’t paranoid before, you probably are now.

1. Final Destination taught you that EVERYTHING can kill you.

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2. The Strangers made you afraid to ever be at home.

And that people do horrible things for no particular reason.

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3. Jeepers Creepers makes you speed down the road every time you pass a scarecrow.

It’s especially great if you grew up in a farm town.

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4. Psycho is the main reason you peek out your shower curtain every 30 seconds.

ID: 1804544

5. Scream is the reason you don’t answer unknown phone numbers.

It’s probably also why we now have caller I.D.

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6. Whenever you come across a static TV channel, you fear you will wind up dead in a closet, thanks to The Ring.

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7. Carrie taught you to fear the consequences of bullying.

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8. Psycho also taught you to never trust a guy who says his mom is his best friend.

Seriously, run.

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9. A Nightmare on Elm Street is why you have insomnia.

ID: 1819407

10. Thanks to Vertigo, you hate windy staircases.

ID: 1804596

11. Nothing scares you more than a group of riled-up children after you saw Children of the Corn.

It doesn’t matter if they are playing at a birthday party - groups of children are not to be trusted.

ID: 1804644

12. Beetlejuice gave you another reason to hate long lines.

DMV? More like the Dean Man’s Venue.

ID: 1804703

13. You can’t walk down long hallways after seeing The Shining.

ID: 1804887

14. The Fly prompted you to put fly swatters in every room of your house.

ID: 1819755

15. You hate dolls because of Chucky.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Woody or a Build-A-Bear, dolls are creepy.

ID: 1804912

16. The Little Shop of Horrors is the reason why your plants are dying.

Your succulent collection seems harmless…you’re probably fine.

ID: 1805100

17. It made you fear clowns more than you already did.

Cross the street, avoid eye contact, and get the hell out of there.

ID: 1805146

18. The Omen is why you are terrified of babysitting.

ID: 1805209

19. The Birds is the reason you fear anything with wings.

Forget worrying about being crapped on. Cover your eyes and get out of there!

ID: 1804552

20. Friday the 13th is why you’ll never volunteer at your kid’s camp.

ID: 1819538

21. Alien is the reason you stay far away from pregnant women.

ID: 1805820

22. Texas Chainsaw Massacre has made you fear anyone who doesn’t believe in wearing sunscreen.

ID: 1805849

23. Jaws is the reason you are scared of going into the ocean.

ID: 1805902

24. You no longer shave thanks to Sweeney Todd.

ID: 1805977

25. After seeing Amityville Horror you extensively research every place you consider living.

ID: 1819609

26. Arachnophobia intensified your fear of spiders.

ID: 1819620

27. The Purge made you appreciate our democracy, despite its many flaws.

ID: 1806094

28. The Exorcist is the reason you cry inside every time your yoga instructor has the class do back-bends.

ID: 1806116

29. You fear for your life every time someone tell you that you smell nice, courtesy of Perfume.

ID: 1806175

30. You tell yourself that Gremlins is the reason you don’t wash your cat.

They are gremlins in disguise.

ID: 1806187

31. Nosferatu has made you fear all shadows.

ID: 1819880

32. 28 Days Later is why you don’t trust scientists, quarantine anyone who is sick, and have a fully-stocked bunker.

ID: 1819960

33. You’d rather freeze in the rain when your car breaks down instead of knocking on a stranger’s door after viewing The Human Centipede.

ID: 1819990

34. Rear Window taught you that you can never be too cautious of your neighbors.

ID: 1804570

35. Finally, Saw is why you will never again attend a game night.

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