22 Woes Of Having Clammy Hands

Get a grip.

1. You’re always self-conscious about your hands to the point of extreme paranoia.

2. It’s hard to keep anything you own in good condition.

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Silk blouses? Touch them and you’re doomed for wrinkles. Handling paper? Wilted. Woe is you.

3. Touching anyone only results in disgusted responses.

4. People are generally uncomfortable giving you high fives.

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5. The most intimidating part of a job interview is shaking hands.

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6. Before you attempt anything intimate, you coyly wipe your hands down.

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7. You’re super hesitant to hold hands with anyone.

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But if you do find someone who doesn’t mind your hands, they’re a total keeper.

8. As a kid, monkey bars were the ultimate challenge.

9. You look forward to cold weather so you can hide your clamminess under a pair of gloves.

10. You embarrassingly feel the need to disinfect everything you touch.

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11. Hand lotion is the enemy.

12. Texting is a nightmare.

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Sweaty fingers + touch screen = disaster.

13. You can’t even enjoy a cold beer without worrying about spilling all over yourself.

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Let’s face it, your grip isn’t much better with hot beverages either.

Lynch / Frost Productions / Via

14. Handstands? Yeah, right.

15. You can’t write anything without smudging ink everywhere.

16. You’re often greeted with a farting noise when you clap.

17. You’re always looking for ways to dry out your hands.

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18. You often look like a maniac waving your hands to dry them.

19. You can’t pet any animal without hair getting stuck to your hands.

20. Sewing is nearly impossible.


Face it, you’ll never be able to grip that tiny needle.

21. You’re embarrassed to hand over soggy money.

22. Steering wheel covers are as important to you as glasses are to people with less than perfect vision.

Life can be a little slippery, but hang in there.

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