Andrew Garfield Explores Issues Of Gender Identity In Haunting Arcade Fire Music Video

The actor gives a fantastic performance in a chilling video for “We Exist.”

1. Yesterday Arcade Fire released a music video for their song “We Exist,” about a son telling his father that he is gay.

ID: 2967989

3. The video stars Andrew Garfield struggling with his gender identity and sexual orientation in a small, rural town.

ID: 2967948

4. It features a haunting scene of a hate-fueled fight in a bar.

ID: 2967951

5. A fantastic dance sequence.

In which Garfield proves he can really move.

ID: 2967953

6. And ends with a moving scene at Coachella.

Filmed live during the second weekend of the California music festival.

ID: 2967945

7. Check out the full video below

ID: 2967903

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