This Guy Is The Most Followed Non-Famous Person On Instagram

Over five million followers can’t be wrong, can they?

1. This is Wellington Campos, a marketing manager based in Brazil.

ID: 3245087

2. He is the 22nd most followed person on Instagram and the most followed non-celebrity, non-brand account.

With 5,355,649 followers, he falls in between the main One Direction account and Demi Lovato.

ID: 3245107

3. So why is he so Instagram famous? For taking funny photos of Toy Story’s Woody, obviously.

ID: 3245113

4. Like Woody at an important meeting.

ID: 3245081

5. Or stuck in a cupcake.

ID: 3245134

6. Taking a selfie with Buzz.

ID: 3245066

7. Having a GIRLS moment.

ID: 3245139

8. Hanging out with some Minions.

ID: 3245148

9. And on vacation with Jessie.

ID: 3245143

10. But how did he get so many followers?

ID: 3245160

11. Not sure. A quick search showed that as of eight months ago, 70% of his over 1 million Twitter followers were likely fake. But it’s unclear how many of his Instagram followers are legitimate accounts.

ID: 3245195

12. Which means there could be hope for all of us to take the crown! Happy Instagramming!

ID: 3245115

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