19 Stages Of Shopping A Gilt Sale

Do I need this? No. Will I buy it? Yes.

1. You get the email and immediately drop everything you’re doing.

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2. You wonder if you actually need anything new.

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3. You realize you don’t, but taking a look can’t hurt.

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4. You set an alarm so you don’t get distracted by unimportant things like your work.

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5. You notice a sale you didn’t know you wanted!

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6. You take a moment to prepare your mind and body for battle.

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7. Once you’re in the zone, you click the shirt you’ve been coveting for the last hour.

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8. They don’t have your size and your heart breaks.

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9. You try to stay calm and get a size bigger.

Whatever, you can just get it taken in anyway.

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10. You pump yourself up and move onto the next item.

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11. They don’t have your size either! You start to worry that you didn’t prioritize correctly.

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12. As you scroll you notice something you didn’t see before.

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13. You aren’t sure if you even like it and it’s crazy expensive but it’s down over $200!

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14. Suddenly, someone gives you something that has to be done right away.

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15. You look at the clock on your screen and start to panic. HERE TAKE MY MONEY!

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16. You can always return it if you don’t like it.

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17. And it was such a good sale, so really you won!

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18. You go to lunch and realize you can’t afford anything now. You swear you’ll never go on Gilt again.

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19. But then you get your evening sale email.

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