23 Signs You’re Obsessed With Christmas

You know it’s never too early for a little holiday spirit.

1. While everyone is getting excited about Thanksgiving, you’re freaking out because CHRISTMAS IS COMING. CHRISTMAS IS COMING.

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Enough of this Thanksgiving crap.

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2. All your dreams are covered in snow.

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3. Seeing Christmas lights brings tears to your eyes.

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4. You think the day Starbucks’ red cups come out is a holiday in itself.

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5. You add mint to all your chocolate.

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6. And anything you make becomes reindeer themed. Oops.

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7. You keep a Christmas playlist up year-round in anticipation.

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8. And you sing Christmas songs post-Halloween.

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9. You download a slew of holiday apps.

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10. You instantly become BFFZ with anyone who shares your spirit.

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11. You will happily wake up early on Sunday to maximize your activity time.

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12. Peppermint bark is a staple of your diet in December.

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13. Your Netflix and iTunes queue is filled to the brim with holiday movies.

Columbia Pictures,

20th Century Fox


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14. This is your biggest anxiety.

Lee Mendelson Film Productions / Via holidayhotmess.tumblr.com
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15. You actually liked to wear Christmas sweaters as a kid, so now you buy trendy ones.

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16. Your spirit can’t be extinguished.

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17. Even your pets can’t escape your joy.

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18. You start shopping for your Christmas gifts long before Black Friday.

Because Black Friday is for n00bs.

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19. You DIY your own Christmas ornaments

Grab the tutorial and more Christmas decoration tips here.

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20. And have developed a foolproof plan for organizing them on your tree.

ID: 1969863

21. The Coca-Cola bears are your spirit animals.

Coca-cola / Via sparksheet.com
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22. You make everyone get in the spirit, even if they aren’t interested.

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23. And you find a way to make everything you do become holiday themed.

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