22 Sexual Moments From The One Direction Tour That Will Make You Squeal

And they aren’t even halfway through the tour. Warning: There is screaming and a lot of thrusting.

1. When Harry pulled off his pants

ID: 2925591

2. When Liam thrusted and the world exploded.

ID: 2925598

3. When Harry worked on his twerkin’ skills.

ID: 2948684

4. When Liam called Harry out for his tight pants.

ID: 2926006

5. When Harry licked his finger while looking right into the eyes of the fans in the first row.

ID: 2925651

6. Whatever this is…

ID: 2926013

7. When Liam got fresh with the audience.

ID: 2948651

8. And Niall got in on the thrusting action.

ID: 2948656

9. When Harry wondered if he could hang this crown off of his junk.

ID: 2948661

10. When Liam gave a bit of a wiggle.

ID: 2948664

11. When Harry felt himself.

ID: 2948698

12. Literally, every night.

ID: 2948757


ID: 2948770

14. And Niall got in on the action.

ID: 2948762

15. With his own brand of body feelin’.

ID: 2949484

16. And thrustin’.

ID: 3110488

17. When Harry danced up on Niall

uhm no thank you

— 1D Updates (@WW1DUpdates)
ID: 3011172

18. Whatever Liam thought this was.

ID: 3012996

19. And this caressing moment.

ID: 3102724

20. This shake.

ID: 3277107

21. This blatant flirting.

ID: 3277097

22. And when someone tossed a condom balloon on stage.

ID: 3277103

Stop playing with our hearts guys.

ID: 3277011

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