24 Reasons Why P!nk Is The Role Model Every Girl Should Have

The singer proves it is okay to not be okay, to be yourself and to lift weights.

1. She believes in being true to yourself.

3. She is all about the power of love and positivity.


4. And being strong for yourself.

5. Because she understands the ups and downs that many girls have.

7. And to better herself.

8. While showing girls the importance of a fit lifestyle.

9. The results are pretty damn amazing.

10. And it looks like her little girl is following in her footsteps.

11. She believes in being loud, and present, and fearless.

12. She doesn’t believe in gender “rules.”

This is how SHE proposed to her husband.

13. She knows when to be serious.

14. But at the same time, isn’t afraid of having a little fun.

Yep, those are the Ellen undies that she gives out and everyone says they’ll wear but no one besides Pink proves it.

15. Or looking less than perfect.

16. Or poking fun at herself.

17. She believes in beauty coming from within, instead of from material possessions.


18. And isn’t afraid to show herself without make up.

21. She’s honest about her relationship.

Communication is key, guys!

23. Sometimes she, like everyone else, gets overwhelmed by hard times.

24. But she has been and always will be P!nk. And that makes her the best.

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