21 Reasons Miles Teller Should Be Your Next Celebrity Crush

Miles Teller could be any guy you meet at a bar and that is why he is the best.

This is Miles Teller.

Jim Urquhart / Reuters

You may know him from The Spectacular Now.

21 Laps Entertainment / Via

Or from That Awkward Moment.

Or from your dreams, which is where he’ll be starring next.

4. Boy knows how to get down.

Relativity Media / Via

6. Imagine this, in your everyday life.

8. You guys would probably make a secret handshake that everyone would be envious of.

Relativity Media / Via

9. He looks great in a selfie. IMAGINE HOW CUTE YOUR SELFIES WOULD BE!

11. He looks good naked.

Relativity Media / Via

12. And great in a suit.

13. He makes the perfect valentine.

17. His relationship with Shailene Woodley is so cute it will make you cry.

18. He has always been the coolest.

19. His smile will fill your soul with light.

20. He basically is always having an incredible amount of fun and it’s even more fun to watch.

21. And he is about to blow up so get on board so you can be that friend that knew it before everyone else! Because what is better than that?!

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