29 Lessons You Learned At Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway camp is a time for growth, exploration, and sneaking Chinese food into your bunk.

1. You only need to pack the essentials.

You’ll be coming home with a collection of everyone else’s clothes anyway.

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2. A cause is more important than an individual.

Once you’re assigned blue, you bleed it. Even if your friends are on white.

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3. A jean skirt will get all the boys.

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4. Everything looks better with a camp logo on it.

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5. The sign of a true friendship is a bracelet.

You can find DIY tutorials for these and more bracelets here.

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6. You were forced to learn the value of candy portion control to deal with the rations you got from the canteen.

The camp canteen: your first diet

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7. …Until your care packages arrived and your bunk became a black market.

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8. You learned how to harness your inner Katniss.

Even though this skill has still never come in handy.

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9. It’s totally normal to be best friends with your 46-year-old counselor.

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10. If you push all your clothing to the sides of the room, it will look cleaner and you can probably pass inspection.

Stacks on stacks on stacks.

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11. Newcomb is simply better than volleyball.

(For those who don’t know, newcomb is a variation on volleyball that is significantly easier.)

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12. A good card game can make any boring situation fun.

Uno anyone? How about bullshit?

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13. Cutting your T-shirts can maximize how much skin you’re showing.

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14. You mastered the girl crouch.

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15. Just how sweet victory can be!

Because where you are on the tennis rankings can make or break your summer.

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16. It’s safer to not think about what’s in the lake.

Yes, you stepped on something. But do you really want to know what it was?

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17. You can get almost anything you want by complaining.

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18. It’s OK to cry at the campfire, because what happens at campfire, stays at the campfire.

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19. It doesn’t matter where a field trip is going, as long as junk food will be available.

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20. The more photos you have, the more popular you look.

Photo collages are when acquaintances become best friends.

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21. You learned the importance of a good braid.

ID: 1291598

22. Summer camp friends are the best kind of friends there are.

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23. Color coordinating is an essential skill.

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24. A summer isn’t complete without learning all the lyrics to Dispatch’s “The General.”

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25. Sometimes it actually is appropriate to wear Crocs.

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26. There are a lot of drinking games you can play without alcohol.

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27. You can turn any song into a “camp song.”

All songs can be improved with some summer camp lingo.

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28. It’s never a bad time to hold hands.

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29. And the two months you spend at camp are the only months that matter.

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