21 Simple Household Things You Should Do Before Fall

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the spring.

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1. Resole your shoes

Love the boots you have? Resole them to make them last you another season.

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2. And treat them so that they stand up to the elements.

Grab a waterproof dressing like this one to make sure your shoes don’t get ruined.

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3. Dry clean your comforter.

It’s much better to dry clean your comforter when it’s still hot outside so you can use a different blanket (or sleep with just a sheet) while you wait for it to come back.

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4. In fact, now is a good time to check all of your bedding to see if anything needs to be cleaned or replaced.

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The Sleep Foundation recommends changing out your pillows every six months. Debris and lots of icky things get caught up in your pillow and can cause acne. Also, the longer you stay with the same pillow the more support it loses. So change it up!

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5. Rotate and flip your mattress.

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Rotating and flipping your mattress insures that you sleep on different areas of it. It alleviates pressure on the springs which will lead to a longer lifespan for the mattress and will reduce sagging.

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6. And make sure to clean it.

Grab the full instructions here.

Don’t have lavender oil? No biggie, you can use fabric softener instead.

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7. Dry clean your coat.

You’ll wear it every day once it cools down so make sure it’s in good shape now.

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8. Double check if there is anything in your closet that needs to be replaced.

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Make sure your clothing still fits. Nothing is worse than not having a jacket on the first cold day.

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9. And go through what you didn’t wear over the Summer.

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Here is a great way to keep track of what you’re really wearing.

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10. Take some time to go through your make up bag.

Use this handy guide to help. Also, make sure to check your makeup brushes.

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11. Buy your warm socks or tights in bulk.

If you wear them every day it may be better to get a bunch of them in one swoop now.

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12. Store your bathing suits in a flat box instead of a bag to help preserve it.

Mildew grows on bathing suits if they are left in dark areas with no air flow so skip the plastic bag. Instead put them in a box (a shoe box, or flat on a shelf if no box is available). It will help preserve the suit so that it doesn’t lose it’s shape over the winter months.

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13. Clean the pit stains off of your shirts.

The summer can be rough on your clothing. Use 1 tsp. Dawn dishwashing detergent, 3-4 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, and a couple tablespoons of baking soda — then scrub to get them looking like new.

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14. Test the carbon monoxide and fire alarms in your house.

Yes, they’re totally annoying but you want to make sure that they work now instead of when it’s too late.

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15. Go through your pantry and freezer to make sure that everything in it is still fresh.

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16. Now may also be a good time to make soups and sauces that can freeze.

Grab the recipe for this tomato soup here.

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17. Back up your computer.

Just in case!

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18. And clean off your keyboard.

Learn how here.

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19. Take the air conditioner out of your window.

Obviously, leave it if it’s still hot. But if you can change over to a fan it’ll cut down on your expenses and you can finally fully close the window.

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20. Bring back out the humidifiers.

If you hate the look of them, grab a cute one to make it a piece of the room.

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21. Get into the spirit by making a fall inspired potpourri.

Simmer orange slices, cinnamon and cranberries on the stove to fill your home with the smells of autumn.

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