It’s Time We Talk About Dane DeHaan

It’s time to #getonthedanetrain

This is Dane DeHaan. Look familiar?

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That’s because he’s starred in movies with all your favorite people.

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1. Which means he has friends in high places.

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2. Like REALLY high places.

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3. But it’s time for us to obsess over him because he’s the best. He’s basically Leonardo DiCaprio.

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4. He kills it in high fashion clothing.

#Prada Spring/Summer '13 part 2. Featuring moi.

— Dane DeHaan (@danedehaan)
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5. And looks flawless on a casual day out.

ID: 2888307

6. His blue eyes will look directly into your soul.

ID: 2888289

7. And you literally won’t be able to look away.

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8. His kiss may actually kill you.

ID: 2888335

9. And his goofiness will melt your heart.

ID: 2888399

10. He’s not afraid to tell you what he really thinks.

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11. Because he hates the same things that you do.

I've never had the urge to punch anyone in the face more than when I see someone wearing Google Glass.

— Dane DeHaan (@danedehaan)
ID: 2888382

12. Says what you’ve been wanting to.

You ain't never gonna look cool walking around in ski boots. #Sundance

— Dane DeHaan (@danedehaan)
ID: 2888465

13. And understands your pain.

I gave up giving things up for Lent.

— Dane DeHaan (@danedehaan)
ID: 2888381

14. He understands the simple joys of life.

Ain't nothin quite like watchin' babies meeting babies.

— Dane DeHaan (@danedehaan)
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15. Like playing a sport he loves.

ID: 2888473

16. Owning a cute little pup.


— Dane DeHaan (@danedehaan)
ID: 2888339

17. And having a nice day off.

Y'all wanna go golfing or eat some oysters or go to the beach or get your faced licked by a smarmy dog or sumtin?? #iDo

— Dane DeHaan (@danedehaan)
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18. Still not convinced?

ID: 2888332

19. Well, he’s about to play one of the most beautiful men of all time, James Dean.

It's not easy being Dean.

— Dane DeHaan (@danedehaan)
ID: 2888293

20. And he’s humble.

I get to do some pretty cool shit a lot of the time.

— Dane DeHaan (@danedehaan)
ID: 2888514

21. A loving husband.

#Bestdayofmylife. Happy #anniversary @annawoodyall. You are my beloved and you are my friend.

— Dane DeHaan (@danedehaan)
ID: 2888513

22. And while we’re all wearing sweats on the plane, he’s flying in style.

Harry Osborn on his private jet. @danedehaan

— Marc Webb (@MarcW)
ID: 2888505

23. Plus James Franco loves him.

ID: 2888342

24. So get with it.

ID: 2888519

25. Because Dane won’t let you down.

ID: 2888520

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