Can You Get Through This Post Without Having An Anxiety Attack?

Don’t forget to breathe.

1. Your phone battery is below 10%.

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2. Your computer dies and you can’t remember when you last saved your paper.

ID: 1891475

3. The door shuts and you realize you’ve left your keys in your apartment.

ID: 1891602

4. Your crush starts typing a text, stops, and then doesn’t answer for a day.

ID: 1891659

5. You’ve changed into your gym clothing but your headphones aren’t in your bag.

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ID: 1891793

6. You sent your cover letter in and forgot to attach your resume.

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ID: 1891851

7. You’ve purchased lunch but your credit card isn’t in your wallet.

ID: 1892126

8. Is your stove turned off?

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ID: 1892174

9. Your fly is open and everyone has noticed but you.

ID: 1892590

10. Your shirt is on BOTH backwards AND inside out and you didn’t realize until you’ve changed to go to bed.

ID: 1892593

11. You’re at a party talking to someone whose name you can’t remember. Now you have to introduce them to a third person.

ID: 1892607

12. You just sent a text message to your ex by accident.

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ID: 1891611

13. Your boss asks you to come into their office but then gets an important phone call and you must now wait.

ID: 1892627

14. You use the bathroom and then find out that you have no toilet paper.

ID: 1892805

15. It’s your turn to give an interesting fact.

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ID: 1892702

16. You sing the wrong lyrics really loud.

ID: 1892712

17. You’re on a blind date, and get to the bar. Is the other person here? Do you even remember what they look like?

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ID: 1892743

18. You can’t figure out the tip and may have left way too much, or seriously nothing.

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ID: 1892751

19. You swipe too fast on Tinder.

ID: 1888759

20. You get to a party before your friends. You know no one and your phone is dead.

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ID: 1892763

21. You go to use the bathroom on a date but there is a line. Now your date is wondering what is taking you so long.

ID: 1892775

22. When you like something by mistake while Facebook stalking someone you shouldn’t be.

ID: 1895332

23. You’re running late and are hitting every red light.

ID: 1895394

24. We need to talk.

ID: 1897570

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