The Ultimate Baby Showdown: Blue Ivy Vs. Prince George

The new prince has some competition.

1. The key to being royal is that it is all about how you handle it. Prince George has a seasoned pro as his dad, which will be super helpful…

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But Blue Ivy’s mom knows how to work the media like no other. Even her pregnancy knows how to make an entrance.

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2. Both babies were born into impossibly cool families. Solange is Blue Ivy’s aunt. Seriously?!

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But this is the prince’s uncle. OH HEY!

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3. Both of the parents are pretty awesome too. Kate and William are the perfect example of modern royalty.

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But look at the Knowles-Carters, you guys! They are the epitome of BAMF parents.

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4. Blue Ivy’s name is pretty unique.

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But then again, George Alexander Louis’ name has hundreds of years of history behind it.

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5. Which brings us to their public introduction. Blue Ivy went with a more 21st-century idea. What up, Tumblr?

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But the royal baby gets a national party!

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6. Both babies have their own thrones…

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7. …and a big palace to explore. But Kensington Palace is hard to compete with. / Via (Getty / Gareth Cattermole)
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8. Speaking of competing, George will be an athlete. It’s in his blood.

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While Blue will learn about sports management from her dad.

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9. Blue Ivy will be singing in no time.

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In fact, she has been featured on a song her dad wrote for her. Be more adorable!

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But that’s not to say that the prince won’t be encouraged to explore the arts.

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10. Prince George’s dad may have some clothing pointers. He has quite a wardrobe of uniforms. This — is a look.

Eamonn M. McCormack / Stringer / Getty Images
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While Blue’s dad can teach her the benefits of wearing black on black on black.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images
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11. George’s mom, Kate, has her own cruise ship, which is kind of cool… I guess.

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But Blue has a private jet, which is much more useful.

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12. And sure Blue Ivy has friends in high places…

Alex Wong / Getty Images
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But HRH Prince George is IN high places…

ID: 1324023

13. Blue does have a crown, though…

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Although the prince will have his crown in no time. Sounds like the perfect excuse for Blue and George to be friends. BFFLZ, ANYONE?! / Via (Getty / KidStock)
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