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Anna Wintour Sits Second Row At Paris Fashion Week, World Still Spins

Is that it? Is fashion over now? Did she just say “shut it down?” Do we have to be naked now?!

1. Today Valentino held its show at Paris Fashion Week.

2. And while the clothing was beautiful…

3. It was hard to focus because Anna Wintour, a major fixture of the front row, was sitting IN THE SECOND ROW instead.

So uncivilized.

4. There aren’t even photos of her at the show because she’s not in the front row.

Twentieth Century Fox


5. While people started to panic about what this really means…

6. Reports say that she made the move herself.

Anna Wintour: badass. Tight seating at Valentino, not enough space on the front row so she let her Editors sit front while she sat second.

— bryanboy (@bryanboy)

Rarely! She moved there to have more room. RT @reemahasnain: @AlizaLicht @BinkleyOnStyle wow! has that ever happened before?

— BinkleyOnStyle (@Christina Binkley)

8. And the world continued to spin.

False alarm everyone! Please put all your black clothing back on.

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