12 Reasons You’re A Member Of Gen Y

Don’t act like you’re not procrastinating right now…

1. If someone calls you, you text them back.

2. You’re either not interested and bored or obsessed and overwhelmed. There is no middle ground.

3. You’ve literally never read the “Terms and Conditions” before pressing “Accept”.

4. Google and your iPhone know you better than you know yourself.

5. You procrastinate until get overwhelmed and have to makes lists and start multitasking.

6. You’re not positive which side of the envelope the stamp goes on.

7. Number of times you’ve deliberately used Siri: 3. Number of times you’ve accidentally opened Siri: 781.

8. You’re wondering why a 3 second GIF is taking so long to load…

9. You automatically start typing “Facebo-” when you open up your browser and don’t know why.

10. You only open your friends’ Snapchats to make the notification icon go away.

11. Internet Memes and GIFS accomodate your attention span.

12. You’re not sure if you really want a Samsung or are just bored with your iPhone

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