36 Things Every 2013 Girl Loves

If you’re living right now, you probably remember these.

1. The ’90s.

Seventeen Magazine / Via

Even though chances are, you were between the ages of 3 and 9 when the 90s ended. But like, Britney and frosted lipgloss 4ever.

2. Pumpkin-Spice Latte.

Y’all know it’s basically just cinnamon and nutmeg, right?

3. Hashtags.

NBC / Via

#ironically #butnotreally

4. Calling Things “Basic”

5. Americana.


6. Grammar/spelling.

Whether you’re obsessed with it or just don’t know what it is, there’s a place for you in 2k13.

7. Hipsters.

You love to hate them, but you know you secretly want to be one and are probably attracted to one.

8. Printed leggings.

Only downside is how much attention that galaxy print calls to your VPL*.

*Visible Panty Line

9. iPhones.

I mean, duh.

10. UK TV Shows.

BBC / Via

Look how cool and glamourous those accents—I mean characters—are.

11. DIY Crafts.

Why buy a $10 chair when you can spend $40 and 15 hours to make one yourself?*

*But, actually, this is pretty cool.

12. Oversized Sweaters.

OMG, you look SO comfortable.

13. Cat’s eye makeup.


14. Anything related to Disney.

Walt Disney Animations / Via

Actually, this pretty much applies to anyone, ever.

15. Being “nerdy”.

Watching Doctor Who and “nerding out” over Benedict Cumberbatch and playing GTA5, like OMG.

16. Having multiple (mismatched) earrings

17. Antioxidants.

Didn’t you hear that chocolate’s good for you now, y’all.

18. Simultaneously liking and hating on Miley Cyrus.

You KNOW Wrecking Ball is kind of good.

19. Rimmed glasses.

Before they were “hipster glasses,” they were Buddy Holly glasses. So step back.

20. College.

College enrollment rates have gone up by 37% since the year 2000. Fo’real.

21. Nutella.

Who needs a boyfriend when you have nutella?

22. Doing things online.

C’mon, Obamacare.

23. Nail art.


24. Tattoos.

Feathers, anchors, hearts. How original.

25. GIFs.

It’s like if the pictures from Harry Potter were real and explained all my feels!

26. Shaving part of your head.

I call it “The Skrillex Effect.”

27. WiFi.

If I buy something, will you give me the WiFi password?

28. Crop tops.

If it’s good enough for RiRi, it’s good enough for me.

29. “Vintage” things.

Let’s take a brand new thing and make it look like it’s about to fall apart!

30. Filtered water.

Even our WATER is secretly poison.

31. Ryan Gosling.


32. The Paleo Diet.

Miramax Films / Via


33. These things.

Yeah, you know what they are.

34. These things.

Keep Calm and stfu

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