14 Life Hacks For Bad People

Don’t let morals get in the way with these life hacks.

1. Running low on toothpaste? Use your roommate’s to make it last longer.

It’s like getting two for the price of one!

2. Want to talk about the latest episode of Game of Thrones? Tell your friends the ending so they don’t have to watch before they can talk to you about it.

3. For a surefire way to get the last word in an argument, put in your earbuds after you’ve made your point.

Bonus points if you start singing loudly and walk away.

4. Want to revamp your dining set? Steal plates and silverware from restaurants.

*This also works for most of your household needs.

**Like iPads.

5. Dry hair? Bad skin? Stretch marks? Make them less noticeable by complaining about them to everyone you know.

You won’t feel self-conscious when all your friends are forced to give you compliments!

6. Want to be the most photogenic person in all your pictures? Make sure you only take selfies.

And NEVER let something like this happen to you.

7. Want to save a little cash? Never tip.

All that courtesy can really add up.

8. Need to print out something, but don’t have a printer? Many people don’t password protect their wireless printers.

After you print, just go around to your neighbors to see if they have your paper.

9. Show your friends that you’re up with pop culture by quoting TV shows and movies constantly.

Everyone will be enamored of your sparkling wit and charm with such anecdotes as “This one time on Keeping Up with the Kardashians…”

10. Become more attractive by learning to play Wonderwall on guitar.

Make sure you only ever practice in public (preferably outside).

11. Need a failsafe flirting technique? Make it clear to the person you are interested in that you ONLY date their race.

Gauranteed to let them know you’re interested.

12. And once you’re dating someone, make sure to give everyone else dating advice.

A great way to prove you’re happy while showing others that they’re less happy than you!

13. Don’t know how to tie a tie? Show up to your event without one and make someone else do it.

Ain’t nobody got time to learn things.

14. MOST IMPORTANTLY: When you learn a new life hack, pretend you just came up with it on your own.


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