Zac Efron Continues To Prove He’s A Master Sexual Dancer

Happy Monday!

1. ALERT, ALERT. Zac is in Italy right now hanging out with a random group of friends, including Michelle Rodriguez.

ID: 3252892
ID: 3253077
ID: 3253083
ID: 3253075

6. On this vacation he sits there looking flawless as Michele does handstands and the other people talk about stuff.

ID: 3252773

7. That’s cool and stuff, but what’s REALLY important here is this video of Zac dancing on a table to “Wiggle.”

ID: 3252783

8. Let’s relive it, shall we????

ID: 3252754

9. Because his dance moves are Im.Pec.Ca.Ble.

ID: 3252753

10. He moves so nicely.

ID: 3252748

11. So swiftly.

ID: 3252747

12. So wonderfully.

ID: 3252749

13. The End.

ID: 3253002

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