Why Pitbull Is Actually Great And We Should All Love Him

Why so much Pitbull hate? Let’s all give him a Mr. Worldwide hug.

This is for everyone who knows that Pitbull is actually a gift to this world.

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First of all, he managed to go from just a one-area-code man…

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To Mr. Worldwide. He literally took over the world through song.

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Try to find him looking anything but classy and suave.

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Rumor has it he owns 77,000 suits.

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He’s king of the performance tuxedo.

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But when he’s not in a tux he still looks dignified.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

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And his three-piece suits are enviable.

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Plus, he’s got the moves.

Noam Galai / Getty Images

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Serious moves.

Noam Galai / Getty Images

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Look at those moves.

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Speaking of “dale,” have you ever heard of a performer with such an iconic catchphrase?

Facebook: pitbull

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DALE! (no, you haven’t)

Gary Miller / Getty Images

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He’s basically a human emoji, which is hot.

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Twitter: @pitbull

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And look at him when he was a tiny guy with hair:

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He’s funny and knows when to chime in:

Twitter: @pitbull

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And he’s specific and knows exactly what he likes:

Twitter: @pitbull

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Speaking of “Timber,” have you HEARD IT? Because this song is reason enough.

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And there’s also this song that has 726 MILLION VIEWS, because it’s great and he makes every song better.

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He’s a man of the people. Look at all the people who just want to be around him.

ID: 2350245

And moms love him because he’s just a nice guy.

ID: 2350307

And speaking of Shark Tank, this is Mark Cuban, one of the sharks, loving a Pitbull performance.

ID: 2350378

And also, back to that nice-guy thing — proof of him being nice:

ID: 2350699

And remember when people tried to exile him to Alaska? Well, he embraced it.

ID: 2350364

And then he WENT TO ALASKA (in a suit) and loved every minute of it. #niceguy.

ID: 2350361

Yeah, he knows he’s got swag.

Twitter: @pitbull

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Look at that sunglass placement.

Chris McKay / Getty Images

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Look at this blowing-a-kiss technique.

ID: 2350413

Basically he deserves more love than he gets.

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