Why Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has Had An Awesome Career

He went from cute little kid to bona fide movie star. Gotta love JGL.

1. He was adorable in one of his first roles on “Family Ties”

ID: 440501

2. Then he posed like a pro with no shoes on

ID: 441437

3. A little older — but still cute — in “A River Runs Through It”

ID: 440506

4. Did you forget he was in “Angels in The Outfield!?”

ID: 440462

5. Then his hair was a bit longer

ID: 440467

6. And he was like, “Yeah, my hair is awesome.”

ID: 441446

7. Maybe he was growing it out for “3rd Rock From The Sun?”

ID: 440471

8. Or so he could have a crazy hair do like this one:

ID: 440552

9. Or do a weird photo shoot with little things all over him.

ID: 440575

10. And get a little funky.

ID: 441345

11. He was cute again in “10 Things I hate About You.”

ID: 441618

12. Then he grew up fast!

ID: 440556

13. Now he’s old enough to do things like perch up on stools…

ID: 441351

14. Stand on chairs…

ID: 441478

15. Close his eyes…

ID: 441358

16. And just be wise.

ID: 440557

17. He got adorkable with Zooey Deschanel in “500 Days of Summer.”


ID: 440585

18. And a little hodorky by himself.


Hodorky = Hot and Dorky

ID: 440632

19. He got all incepted and stuff.

From “Inception.”

ID: 441617

20. And shaved his head for the movie “50/50.”

ID: 441634

21. He became a man when he posed for GQ.

ID: 440661

22. And looked smokin’ with a cigarette in Esquire.

Pun intended.

ID: 440673

23. Now he’s all around awesome in “Batman.”


ID: 440677

24. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you win!

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 440647

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