Watch "X-Factor" Contestants Do Their Best Impressions Of The Coaches

Here are the top 13 contestants doing top knotch impersonations of the coaches in a BuzzFeed exclusive.

1. Alex and Sierra as Simon and Demi:

ID: 1934684

2. Tim Olstad as Paulina:

ID: 1934685

3. Josh Levi as Paulina:

ID: 1934688

4. Sweet Suspense as Simon:

ID: 1934691

5. Jeff Gutt as Simon:

ID: 1934694

6. Carlos Guevera as Simon:

ID: 1934696

7. Lilli McCloud as Paulina:

ID: 1934698

8. Rion Paige as Paulina:

ID: 1934704

9. Rachel Potter as Demi:

ID: 1934705

10. Elona Santiago as Kelly:

ID: 1934707

11. Carlito Olivero as Simon:

ID: 1934709

12. Khaya Cohen as Simon:

ID: 1934713

13. And Restless Road as Simon:

(They nailed it)

ID: 1934695

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