Turns Out Juan Pablo Is A Serial Relationship Montage Video-Maker


Background: Juan Pablo made this video for Nikki — the woman he chose on The Bachelor— to show how much he loves her (without having to actually say the words.)

Now a video from 2009 has surfaced and it’s basically the exact same thing, but it was created for his ex-wife and mother of his daughter, Camila. Please enjoy the original video love letter from Juan Pablo.

ID: 2602479
ID: 2602325

3. Some highlights of the video include this old shaggy ‘do:

ID: 2602577

4. These sunglasses:

ID: 2602576

5. This picture of himself:

ID: 2602573

6. This other picture of himself:

ID: 2602572

7. And also this picture of himself (don’t forget he edited this!)

ID: 2602574

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