“True American” Is The Next Big Drinking Game

On “New Girl” last night, the gang played a game of True American. A drinking game that is sure to spread like wildfire, so here are the rules!

The game is simple, it’s 50% drinking game, 50% candy land. The rules:

ID: 224229

3. 1. To begin, Each person chooses a teammate by putting up a random amount of fingers to their forehead. Person with one less number than you have is your partner! YAY LET’S PLAY!

ID: 224128

4. 2. Zones. Pawns. Soldiers. THERE’S A CASTLE.

ID: 224167

5. 3. Shotgun tip off!

ID: 224164

6. 4. The ground is lava-DO NOT TOUCH THE FLOOR!

ID: 224208

7. 5. Chairs, couches, stools and people can be stepped on. THE GROUND IS LAVA THOUGH, STAY OFF THE GROUND OR YOU WILL MELT IN LAVA!

ID: 224162

8. 6. Know the presidents, specifically JFK. They will come in handy. (This will be explained more in future steps.)

ID: 224159

9. 7. Now move around! But stay off the floor!

ID: 224134

10. 8. Chant time again! On the count of three put a number to your forehead, person who puts up a “1” gets to move positions!

ID: 224133

11. 9. Ummm, on the count of three chant a very short poem about a president, then follow up with another short poem about a president

ID: 224129

12. 10. DRINK!

ID: 224153

13. 11. Piggy backing is encouraged.

ID: 224140

14. 12. Recycle. Beer gets thrown in the bin!

ID: 224155

15. 13. You touched the floor AKA the lava, YOU LOSE.

ID: 224136

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