“True American” Is The Next Big Drinking Game

On “New Girl” last night, the gang played a game of True American. A drinking game that is sure to spread like wildfire, so here are the rules!

The game is simple, it’s 50% drinking game, 50% candy land. The rules:

3. 1. To begin, Each person chooses a teammate by putting up a random amount of fingers to their forehead. Person with one less number than you have is your partner! YAY LET’S PLAY!

4. 2. Zones. Pawns. Soldiers. THERE’S A CASTLE.

5. 3. Shotgun tip off!

6. 4. The ground is lava-DO NOT TOUCH THE FLOOR!

7. 5. Chairs, couches, stools and people can be stepped on. THE GROUND IS LAVA THOUGH, STAY OFF THE GROUND OR YOU WILL MELT IN LAVA!

8. 6. Know the presidents, specifically JFK. They will come in handy. (This will be explained more in future steps.)

9. 7. Now move around! But stay off the floor!

10. 8. Chant time again! On the count of three put a number to your forehead, person who puts up a “1” gets to move positions!

11. 9. Ummm, on the count of three chant a very short poem about a president, then follow up with another short poem about a president

12. 10. DRINK!

13. 11. Piggy backing is encouraged.

14. 12. Recycle. Beer gets thrown in the bin!

15. 13. You touched the floor AKA the lava, YOU LOSE.

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