24 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Was A Total Badass

As if you ever even thought otherwise.

1. When he gave the middle finger and was totally chill with Tobey Maguire licking his ear.

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2. When he posed like an extremely cool dude with Michael Jackson.

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3. When he wore plaid pants with Adidas shoes and jumped on his friends.

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4. When he danced in the club with an e-cig.

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5. When he tore around town on a fuckin’ VESPAAAAA.

London Entertainment/Splash
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6. When he threw up the WESTSIDEEEEEEE symbol with a bunch of his bros.

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7. When he wore this BALLLERRRRR purple tracksuit.

ID: 1332837

8. When he killed it on the go-kart course.

ID: 1332852

9. When he went WILD on this rollercoaster.

ID: 1544909

10. When he fed this animal.

ID: 1544915

11. When he wore a helmet AND a hat like a AN AWESOME DUDE.

ID: 1545539

12. When his teeth were ballin’ and held up this cup.

ID: 1545910

13. When he smoked a cigar and showed off his creature in liquid.

ID: 1545934

14. When he built his own personal fort.

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15. When he held a swan. A FUCKIN’ SWAN.

ID: 1545944

16. When he drove this sweet-ass car and was like, “I’m gonna talk on my cell phone!” like a true rebel.

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17. When he just let his head hang out the window cause that’s how he rolls.

Raef-Ramirez / AKM-GSI
ID: 1545972

18. When he chilled with his arm up like it ain’t no thang.

Splash News
ID: 1545973

19. When he was was totally confident in a headband.

Splash News
ID: 1548583

20. When he sprawled across rocks ‘cause he’s Leo and he doesn’t care about rocks.

Grifoni-Sarmiento / Splash News
ID: 1545975

21. When he wore this cool mask with sunglasses over it like a total badass.

Splash News
ID: 1548476

22. When he sported a tiny but manly ponytail.

Splash News
ID: 1548581

23. And when he ate a noodle like a noodle king.

Blue Wasp / Grey Wasp / Splash News
ID: 1548511

24. Yup total badass. NBD.

Famflynet Pictures
ID: 1545959

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