Six Times Jared Leto Gave You The Courage To Conquer The World (Or Not)

Look at his eyes and fulfull your dreams.

1. When he wanted you to dream (of him????):

This is YOUR time and yes, you SHOULD dream as big as you want to. Now look at a picture of Jared Leto and everything you hoped and wished for will come true.

2. When he quoted himself.

Keep dreaming. The theme here is dreams.

3. When he wanted you to remember to take some time out for yourself.

While presumably fantasizing about this photo?

4. When he wanted you to CARPE DIEM!

Seize the day that you might run into Jared walking on the street in a black parka.

5. When he wanted you to make your own path…that probably leads to him.

Follow your dreams, and they will lead you to this box that Jared Leto is sitting on.

6. And when he told you that HE believes in you.


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