This Is What Diggy Simmons From “Run’s House” Looks Like Now

Whoseeee houseeeee, Diggy’s house.

1. Remember Diggy Simmons?

ID: 3128774

2. Second youngest member of the Simmons family.

Scott Gries / Getty Images
ID: 3128690

3. This was him eight years ago (along with the rest of the fam):

Peter Kramer / Getty Images
ID: 3128688

4. AND…………this is him now:

ID: 3128875
Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images
ID: 3128679

7. But wait! There’s more.

ID: 3128539

9. And more.

ID: 3128543

11. And more!

ID: 3128547

15. That’s all!

ID: 3128876

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