This Is A PSA About How Wonderful Christopher Meloni Is On Twitter

So #cool.

1. ATTENTION: Chris Meloni is on twitter (if you didn’t already know) and he’s AMAZING AT IT.

ID: 3409394

2. First of all, he totally gets the ~funny pics~ thing, and uses them wisely.

ID: 3409393

3. He is hip with the times and can use twerking in a sentence without totally embarassing himself.

ID: 3415283

4. Plus he says things like “who’s wit me”

ID: 3409325

5. “What it do…”

ID: 3409400

6. And “turn up,” while doing this kind of move shamelessly.

It's the weekend ppl! Party time! (Thx to my daughter @sophiameloni123 for the cool pic). #TurnUp #Melonians

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3415272

7. His selfie game is strong.

#Melonians & others I humbly announce 1 mil FB followers. Thank u! To celebrate I'm gonna have a burger-Happy July 6!

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3409322

8. Very strong.

Beware the power outage...

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3409403

9. Like, Superman strong.

Obey me...

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3415277

10. It’s like he has this innate selfie instinct that tells him when to take one.

Omg selfie at the mall!

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3409395

11. He humble brags about his close relationship with dragonflies…

Dragonfly whispering secrets....

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3409324

12. And full on shows off his secret buff bod.

#TBT The big guns...

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3415274

13. Which actually isn’t much of a secret.

Floaty ride? Anyone?... Anyone?

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3409280

14. He posts pictures of himself just looking cool as fuck.

Are we havin' fun yet ppl! #summertime

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3409320

15. Like this one where he is piloting a small plane lookin’ all badass and stuff.

Off to work...

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3415278

16. But he also posts photos of him in his warmest moments. Like this loving picture of him and his dog.

And they called it puppy loooove...

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3408254

17. And his new cat friend.

Making friends at work...

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3415285

18. He’s very supportive of his peeps.

Have a great saturday peeps. Love you all. Get out enjoy the summer. Eat well. Do something different today. Report back 2 me w/ deets. Go!

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3409319

19. And posts very important check-ins with his #partner4life.

Checking in with @Mariska. #partners4life

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3415273

20. Even though he’s got famous friends…

Hi & thx 4 tweeting. I'll be away from my devices until 2AM. If its an emergency text @michaelianblack's wife & I'll be sure to get it. xo

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3409317

21. …and other famous ex-lovers.

Jesus @OfficialJLD We had what we had. Yup it was special. But pls babe let me go, if I come back 2 train u Im urs, if I don’t I never was.

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3409327

22. …he’s always keeping it real.

Subway ride!!! Keeping it really real!!

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3409329

23. He’s basically the realest.

Cruising w/ my gin n juice.

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3415276

24. He looks good with a mustache.

Whacha think....Tom Selleck????

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3415281

25. And finally, he educates everyone on grammar that can save lives around the world.

Grammar: the difference between knowing YOUR shit & knowing YOU'RE shit! #happyfriday

— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni)
ID: 3409398

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