The “Zesty Guy” Is The Most Perfect Man Ever

You know what Zesty Guy I’m talking about.

1. So you’re watching TV and then THIS MAN ENTERS.

ID: 1278765

2. And you can’t look away, because um, HI, HELLO LOOK AT HIM.

ID: 1278653

3. Even though it’s a health code violation to lick spoons in the kitchen…

ID: 1278652

4. …and it’s probably not sanitary to cook half naked, IT DOESN’T MATTER.

ID: 1280514

5. BECAUSE HIS BUTT IS FEATURED PROMINENTLY. And that’s what’s important.

ID: 1278656

6. In real life, Zesty Guy is this man: Anderson Davis.

ID: 1278625

7. A fantastic human speciman.

ID: 1278619

8. An actual statue.

ID: 1278626


ID: 1278631

10. He also looks good with clothes on.

ID: 1280449

11. But duh, of course he does because he’s perfect.

ID: 1280448

12. But let’s go back to the place where it was love at first sight…

ID: 1278554

13. …on your couch, in sweatpants, with cheeto dust all over your fingers.

ID: 1278555

14. This is the man who made you miss your bathroom break.

ID: 1278556

15. And every bathroom break to come.

ID: 1278616

16. *Swoons* *Dies*

ID: 1280516

17. Zesty Guy for best guy.

ID: 1278620

18. The End.

ID: 1280767

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