The Similarities Between Tom Hanks’ And Justin Timberlake’s Induction Into The “SNL” Five-Timers Club

SNL took a page from its own book and brought back the five-timers club for Justin Timberlake’s episode this weekend.It was simply great.

1. Tom got his membership card…

ID: 972672

2. …and Justin got his card.

ID: 972684

3. Tom went to go check out the club…

ID: 972760

4. …and Justin did the same.

ID: 972761

5. Tom got his smoking jacket…

(Given to him by Conan O’Brien)

ID: 972669

6. …and Justin got his smoking jacket:

(Given to him by SNL writer, Mike O’Brien)

ID: 972668

7. Tom was first introduced to Paul Simon…

ID: 972676

8. …and Justin was also first introduced to Paul Simon.

ID: 972667

9. Tom then met Steve Martin with a pipe…

ID: 972675

10. …and Justin also met Steve Martin with a pipe.

ID: 972714

11. A beloved “SNL” alum was a waiter for Tom…

ID: 972674

12. …and so was Justin’s.

ID: 972671


ID: 972771

Here’s Tom Hanks’ full five-timers club sketch. And here’s Justin Timberlake’s.

ID: 972785

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