The Selena Gomez Crying Meme Is Literally Applicable To Everything That Could Ever Happen

It’s beautiful.

When your roommate eats the Chinese food you were saving for later:

When you are about to fall asleep and your makeup is still on:

Twitter: @CryingGomez

When your friend does this:

Twitter: @CryingGomez

When you get sabotaged by a peer:

Twitter: @CryingGomez

When your parents go on vacation without you:

When you die in Flappy Bird:


When your eyes get blinded:

When your S.O. actually says something nice:


When it’s Valentine’s Day and you realize you are alone:

Twitter: @Call_Me_Potter

When you have to be up in three hours:


When you are being friend-played:


And when you get shit boomeranged:


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