The Spectacular Rise Of Joe Manganiello

He’s so, so, SO hot right now.

1. He used to look like this

ID: 398888

2. Then he grew up a bit

ID: 398958

3. And was all cute and cuddly

ID: 398969

4. Until he played Flash Thompson in “Spiderman”

ID: 399020

5. And got all jock-y on “Scrubs”

ID: 399288

6. Then was stabbed in “CSI: Miami”

ID: 399378

7. And got his beautiful face bruised on “ER”

ID: 398996

8. Then he was cuddly again on “How I Met Your Mother”

ID: 398977

9. Where we got to see a little skin


ID: 398978

10. After that he was on “One Tree Hill”

ID: 398989

11. Where he showed a lot of skin

And it was great.

ID: 399001

12. Then he grew his hair and beard, and became a werewolf

ID: 399034

13. And looked like this

ID: 399115

14. Since then he has posed with a rifle…

ID: 398897

15. In little red shorts…

ID: 398909

16. In blue shorts…

ID: 398938

17. With a giant tire…

ID: 398921

18. With girls in bikinis…

ID: 398947

19. And with himself

Which is just fine.

ID: 398907

20. He knew what we wanted to see in “What to Expect when You’re Expecting”

(His Bod)

ID: 399315

21. And didn’t disappoint at the MTV movie awards…

ID: 398910

22. Which made everyone want to take advantage of this:

ID: 398942

23. Now he’s in “Magic Mike,” where we’ll see him do MORE of that:

ID: 399083

24. And hopefully more of this

ID: 399087

26. This

ID: 399103

27. This

ID: 399092

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