The Real Reason "Drive Me Crazy" Was Called Drive Me Crazy

Because the hair inconsistency in the movie will drive you crazy.

1. Let’s start with Nicole. In the first scene she had shoulder length hair.

ID: 704119

Then when she got to school it was chin length.

ID: 704026

But in the video from the same day her hair was longer!!

ID: 704024

2. Then the next day at the diner it was shoulder length again…

ID: 704043

But later that night at the basketball game it was CHIN LENGTH!

ID: 704022

3. It stayed chin length when she got drunk…

ID: 704200

But then in the mall it was LONG again.

ID: 704199

Then the next day in school it was short again.

ID: 704202

4. And a few weeks later it was still short.

ID: 704060

But then it miraculously GREW LONG AGAIN!!

ID: 704056

5. Okay, now Chase. His hair was floppy and long.

ID: 704322

6. Then the next day it was short and smooth.

ID: 704325

7. Then he had wild hair in class.

ID: 704067

But then that night it was all gelled and beautiful.

ID: 704095

Then 5 minutes later it was WILD AGAIN!

ID: 704100

And then 5 minutes after that, it was all neat.

ID: 704097

8. Then at the house party it was really poofy.

ID: 704063

Until 20 seconds later when it was NOT poofy.

ID: 704062

9. Twist ending: There were SIX hair people! Smh.

ID: 704306

10. Okay, now you may watch this music video:

ID: 704340

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