The Official Aging Timeline Of Hanson

Remember Hanson (the original Jonas Brothers)? Well now they are 32, 29 and 27. Let’s take a look back!

1. Back in the day they were just little blonde boys who loved plaid.

ID: 583644

2. Then they got older and their hair grew.

ID: 583637

3. Some might even say it was a little girly.


ID: 583613

4. But they were definitely boys!

ID: 583634

5. They just happened to have great hair.

ID: 583639

6. And check out those cool sunglasses on Zac!


ID: 583602

7. But back to the hair:

ID: 583642

8. What beautiful blonde locks…

ID: 583633

9. Remember when Zac was all rebelious and put all those BRAIDS in his hair!?

ID: 583638

10. Then they all wore ponytails.


ID: 583601

11. But I guess with age, comes shorter hair.


ID: 583600

12. Woah! Who are these guys?


ID: 583604

13. WAIT! I know I just asked this, but where did these MEN come from?


ID: 583598

14. Here they are sitting. And Zac is wearing green Pumas.

ID: 583993

15. And here they are singing.


ID: 583606

16. And this is them walking barefoot in Los Angeles.

ID: 584285

17. Then Zac’s hair started getting long again…

ID: 584233

18. Maybe he was yearning for his younger days?


ID: 583635

19. Now they are all grown up for real. And Zac is still wearing those green Pumas!

ID: 583624

20. Also they have like a hundred babies! (7 between the three of them)

ID: 583636

21. Whatever, MMM-BOP til you DROP.

ID: 583607

22. And now, since I know you are craving this, here:

ID: 583873

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