26 Of The Most Legendary Celebrity Selfies Of All Time

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a selfie is worth 3,000.

1. The “Beyonce makes a face”

ID: 1069085

2. The “Pooping Bieber”

ID: 1066675

3. The “Nic Cage on a plane”

ID: 1069249

4. The “Hamm rests on Braff’s shoulder”

ID: 1066953

5. The “Bret and Don ride a bus”

ID: 1066670

6. The “Kanye’s on the phone”

ID: 1066673

7. The “Brooklyn Decker derp face”

ID: 1066663

8. The “Hanx”

ID: 1066894

9. The “Rebel and Anne”

ID: 1066897

10. The “Selfie of myselfie” starring Elijah Wood

ID: 1069238

11. The “Chrissy Teigen ugly face”

ID: 1066666

12. The “Chris Pratt has abs”

ID: 1066895

13. The “Conan and Paul Rudd smoosh face”

ID: 1066661

14. The “Tyra Banks is an actual alien”

ID: 1067006

15. The “Harry Potter and JGL happy time”

ID: 1066660

16. The “Conan and Ricky Bubble Bath Time”

ID: 1066664

17. The “Meryl and Hillary”

Image by Meryl Streep donated to Shutter To Think. There you can purchase the photo with a donation to your charity of choice.

ID: 1066898

18. The “Oprah and her bouquet”

ID: 1066905

19. The “Neil Patrick Harris photobomb”

ID: 1066896

20. The “Baby is terrified by Hilary Duff”

ID: 1066668

21. The “James Franco and face pads”

ID: 1066948

22. The “50 Cent Speaks to His Haters”

ID: 1066665

23. The “Snoop Dogg pancake face”

ID: 1066669

24. The “Tyler, The Creator and tiny sunglasses”

ID: 1066671

25. The “Diddy and Mona Lisa”

ID: 1069156

26. And the “Eminem and Mona Lisa”

ID: 1066662

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