The 40 Most Divine Things Zac Efron Did In 2013

There is no one that reached divinity quite like Zac.

1. When he ran in this tiny white shirt:

Splash News
ID: 2215159

2. When he chose to roll up his T-shirt sleeve and bless us with his arm:

dean / Ibanez /
ID: 2215157

3. And the time that he just ditched the sleeves altogether and we were left with this:

Cousart / JFXimages / Wenn
ID: 2215160

4. When he let a cat rest upon his shoulders:

ID: 2215162

5. When he squatted:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215163

6. When he squatted again but in a different position than the other time:

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ID: 2215418

7. When he stood in a pool and covered his lil’ Zac:

ID: 2215171

8. This:

ID: 2215170

9. This:

ID: 2215172

10. This:

ID: 2215165

11. THISgrelgjnak;hjnt;kjnrsthakjnhtr;kshjr;slkerh:

ID: 2215166

12. When he drank a soda:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215416

13. When he put his hand in his pocket:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215182

14. When he put BOTH hands in his pockets:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215187

15. When he put his hands up his sweater:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215420

16. And then did it a little higher:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215173

17. And when he put his hand DOWN HIS PANTS:

ID: 2215167

18. When he licked his dribbling coffee:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215193


Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215183


Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2216204

21. When he cuddled with this cup of coffee:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215415

22. When he walked:

Splash News
ID: 2215772

23. When he sat:

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images
ID: 2216077

24. When he sat and smiled:

Andrew D. Bernstein / NBAE via Getty Images
ID: 2216076

25. When he breathed:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215417

26. The spectacular moment he wore this robe:

Pedro Andrade / PacificCoastNews
ID: 2216074

27. And when he sucked on this lollipop:

Splash News
ID: 2215774

28. When he did this:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215191

29. And pushed off the ground with his strong arms:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215186

30. When he took photos of people taking photos of him:

Noah Graham / NBAE via Getty Images
ID: 2215554

31. When he crouched down like this with a bandana around his head:

ID: 2215161

32. When he skateboarded:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215192

33. He’s such a good skateboarder:

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215806

34. When he proudly displayed his six-months-sober chip around his neck:

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images
ID: 2215558

35. When he was the master of baseball:

ID: 2215164

36. And basketball:

GONZALO / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images
ID: 2215556

37. And doing basketball tricks:

Gonzalo / Bauer Griffin Online
ID: 2215805

38. And being amazing in a blue shirt:

GONZALO / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images
ID: 2215555

39. So amazing.

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2215169

40. Truly Divine.

Fameflynet Pictures
ID: 2216374

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