The 16 Most Awe-Inspiring Parts Of The “Neighbors” TV Spot With Zac Efron

It’s. Too. Much.

1. The very first moment you see Zac and he is shirtless and his lips are pursed like this:

2. And then he unpurses them as his chest lets out a deep sigh.

3. When he stood there shirtless and his eyes darted around and you could still see his breathing movements:

4. When he turned his head to the right and you fainted at the sight of his perfectly square jaw.

5. When he nodded his head and looked deep into your soul:

6. When his mouth started moving because he was talking and his arm also lifted upward for a second:

7. And then he turned again and his shoulder moved around:


9. And you could see his abs contracting:

10. And his arms moved slightly:

11. And his head turned back around:

12. Then he swayed back and forth.

13. And you realized that in this exact moment in time you would give up everything to be the key he is wearing around his neck.

14. Bouncing around near his pecs and getting tangled in his chest hairs:

15. Then the trailer played and there was MORE HEAVENLY BOD.

16. And life as you knew it had changed.

The End.

Watch the whole thing here:

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