The Moment Has Come To Be Obsessed With Alexander Koch

So Maybe you watched Under The Dome, and other than wishing you had never seen a cow sliced in half, you were like, “Who is that sexy bad guy?” It’s Alexander Koch.

1. Meet Alexander:

ID: 1308335

2. His last name is KOCH. It’s pronounced COKE. Like, oh, “I’d love an Alexander Koch-A-Cola.”

ID: 1308341

3. It’s important to know who he is because he is very wonderful looking.

ID: 1308355

4. It’s like someone put the DNA of Adam Brody and Andy Samberg in a dish and mixed them together.

ID: 1308350

5. And then this specimen raised up out of it and was like I’VE ARRIVED.

ID: 1308351

6. Have you seen his worry face?

Under The Dome
ID: 1310005


CBS/Under The Dome
ID: 1309478

8. As is his smile.

ID: 1309982

9. And also the upper region of his chest area:

Under The Dome
ID: 1308987

10. And his hair too.

ID: 1308344

11. Like, look how freaking messy and CUTE that floppy hair is.

Under The Dome
ID: 1310166

12. He does this sexy thing where he puts his hand behind his head and stares into your soul:

ID: 1308348

13. And this other thing where he turns to the side and is all, “Look at my perfect stubble.”

ID: 1308346

14. Also his collarbones are very enjoyable:

ID: 1308949

15. And so is the area right below his chin that is really highlighted from this angle:

ID: 1308950

16. If you were wondering if he could pull off having one of his eyes covered with some of his hair, then the answer is YES.

ID: 1308343

17. So even though on TV he plays some creepy scary dude that winks at you like a creepy scary dude…

Under The Dome
ID: 1310254

18. It’s hard to resist him. BECAUSE LOOK AT HIM NIBBLE AT THE AIR.

ID: 1310211

19. The End.

ID: 1310309

Photos, unless otherwise sourced, courtesy of Alexander Koch.

ID: 1312357

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