The Lindsay Lohan Saga Continues The Day After

Here are extremely substantial and important updates about Lindsay-Gate Late 2012.


Max George, the guy allegedly indirectly responsible for the punch heard around the world, tweeted the following. Which is either a subtweet about Lindsay hitting someone and then getting arrested OR just a tweet about the fact that events transpired as they do, passing the time in this thing we call life.


Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter account retweeted this tweet nine hours ago. That means it was retweeted after the incident. This is evidence of some kind, just unsure of what at the moment.


Jay from The Wanted wore a “Free Lindsay” T-shirt that looks homemade.


Tom from The Wanted tweeted that Jay, the one who wore the “Free Lindsay” shirt, “makes his life sometimes.” Probably because he wore that life-making “Free Lindsay” shirt.

The End.

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