The Greatest Battles Between Celebrities And Paparazzi

Luckily other paps were around to capture their peers getting beat up.

1. Justin Bieber Hit this guy

ID: 377206

2. Sean Penn kicked that guy

ID: 377211

3. Lily Allen kicked this dude

ID: 377265

4. Alec Baldwin Attacks this guy (first offense)

ID: 377282

5. Jude law conked this lady

ID: 377230

6. Hugh Grant kicked this man

ID: 377247

7. Adam Lambert attacked this guy

ID: 377403

8. Camera Diaz whacked this guy (with her bag)

ID: 377336

9. Miley Cyrus got in this guys face

ID: 377302

10. Kate Moss beat up that guy

ID: 377373

11. Pete Doherty threw buckets of water on many guys

ID: 377381

12. Russell Brand attacked that dude

ID: 377532

13. Prince Harry attacked that guy

ID: 377467

14. Alec Baldwin hit this guy (second offense)

ID: 377228

Winners: THE CELEBS! Because wouldn’t you go crazy and snap one day if someone took 1,000 photos of you right in your face? (Sorry to my dog.)

ID: 377784

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