The Complete User’s Guide To Playing Dreidel

It’s important to know how to play the best game of the holiday season.

1. So dreidel is basically the hottest game right now.

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2. That’s because it’s played during Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.

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3. To be the king of dreidel, you’ve gotta know how to play the game.

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4. First: Get this hat. Without this hat, you are nothing.

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5. Next: Get your dog this hat. Without your dog having this hat, the dog is nothing.

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6. Now you’ll need some Gelt. Gelt is chocolate that looks like coins but they have no real monetary value.

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7. You’ll also need a dreidel, DUH!!!


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8. Now you just need some FRIENDS to play with.

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9. But if you can’t find friends, your cat will do.

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10. OK! Time to play!

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11. To begin, everyone has to “ante up.” Put a coin or two in the pot, or THREE if you are feeling frisky.

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12. BTW — the pot of gelt is called the “kupah.” It’s Hebrew for “cash register.”

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13. OK, now it’s time to spin the dreidel. Each player takes turns spinning it. There are four sides to the dreidel.

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14. This is the “Nun” side. If you land on Nun, nothing happens. You just pass the dreidel. It’s easy to remember: Nun = none = nada = move it along.

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15. This is the “Shin” side. If you land on Shin, you put a coin or two in the pot.

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16. This is the “Hey” side. If you land on Hey, you win half the pot!!!! HEY, that’s pretty cool!

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17. But what you really want is “Gimel.” If you land on Gimel, you win EVERYTHING. You take the whole kupah. All gelt is yours.

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18. And that’s how you play dreidel. Happy Hanukkah!

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