The Brief But Mysterious Saga Of Shia LaBeouf Dropping Out Of “Orphans”

Shia LeBeouf was supposed to make his Broadway debut in a show called Orphans this spring, but has pulled out of the production and posted several personal emails about the matter to his Twitter account. posted on

1. First Shia tweeted this:

3. Then this email was sent to the production company and seemingly Alec Baldwin:

5. After qouting David Mamet, he posted this email, a conversation between Alec Baldwin and himself:

7. Then he posted his audition for the Broadway show “Orphans,” which is more than an hour long:

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8. After that he posted an email Tom Sturridge sent to him:

10. Then he tweeted several things that were slightly philosophical and kind of confusing:

15. And then he ended with this email, from the fight director of “Orhpans”:

17. What do you think went down between Alec and Shia, and should he have posted the emails? Now for a Louis Stevens GIF.

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