Taylor Swift Is “Never Ever Getting Back Together” With Someone, But Who?

Taylor Swift debuted her newest single yesterday called “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Which begs the question — WHO is she never ever getting back together with?

Here are some of the lyrics:

ID: 513660

3. So is it John Mayer?

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She’s already called him out in her song Dear John so maybe he is off the hook for this one?

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4. Joe Jonas??

Forever and Always was about him, so he’s had his song. It’s got to be someone else.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

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5. Taylor Lautner?

Apparently Back to December was about him, and in fact an apology. So if she hasn’t been scorned by him, then maybe they have a chance at dating again?

FameFlynet Pictures

ID: 513473

6. So it must be Jake Gyllenhaal!

WAIT A SECOND. Nobody said that.


ID: 513474

I do not know who the new song is about. All I know is they will never get back together…

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